Men’s Round Table: Overcoming Midlife Crisis

man-in-crisis-5-750-min-630x315         What would you do if you realized your hairline was receding and after sometime, you started going bald? What would you do if you realized you might no longer be able to enjoy your  luxuriant hair as you used to because you’d gone grey? As a man who’s used to growing hair effortlessly it never occurred to me that I could suffer hair loss, or go grey, at least not in my early forties.

The harsh reality dawned on me today as I stared at myself in the mirror this morning while dressing up to go to work. At a closer look, it was obvious the left part of my hair had bidden me farewell as there was no single strand left there. So I made up my mind that I wouldn’t worry about it, after all, it’s one of life’s lemons. If I had written articles and delivered speeches to encourage people to turn their lemons to lemonade, then that was a good time to practise what I preach, wasn’t it?

Without further ado, at the close of work, I left for the barbershop and told the barber to cut my hair completely. He obliged me and  I made up my mind to enjoy the new me.

Midlife crisis, which is defined as the feelings of worry, disappointment or lack of confidence that a person may feel in the middle part of their life, should not be entertained by anyone who desires to enjoy life. For some, it may not be baldness or grayness. It could be a feeling that they haven’t achieved as much as they thought they would have achieved at their age.


The term ‘midlife crisis’ was coined in 1965 by Dr. Elliot Jacques, a Canadian psychoanalyst, to describe challenges during the normal period of transition and self-reflection many adults experience from age 40 to 60. 

During this period, adults, in quest of identity, begin to question who they are in this world, what their raison d’être is and how they have used their time thus far. 

These questions more often than not are as a result of the realization of the passage of time or changes that may occur with the physical body, such as a health scare or a diminished ability to perform physical tasks.

If you’re reading this post as a man (or even a woman) between 40-65 years age range, and you are facing midlife crisis, cheer up. Don’t be crestfallen and don’t ever give in because how you handle it will determine the night of your life.

So I love the new me.

Keep soaring!

Seyi Bale

January 2018


  1. Good write up!
    I read even though it was ‘ men’s round table’… curiosity saved the Lion😀

    Middle age comes with a number of surprises; pleasant and not so pleasant.
    In all, I think it’s best to embrace this season and indeed every season as a privilege that others don’t have and make every day count.

    Well done!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great post ! Sometimes, it’s difficult to accept the changes that we experience in many areas of our lives which Includes aging 😊. However, accepting our current situation opens up new possibilities and opportunities and we can then take the necessary and appropriate actions to move forward. Enjoy your new look 👍🏾

    Liked by 2 people

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